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A defective liability claim is filed when a person is injured or has suffered other damages from a product they used. Certain people and companies may be held liable for a victim's injuries, such as the manufacturer, retailer, and any type of suppliers. Depending on a person's case, they may also include contractors, consultants, engineers, designers, and anyone who may have led to or known about the defect in the product the person used. People who have sustained injuries from a product should contact an experienced attorney, to increase the chances of successfully winning a product liability case. Our injury attorney from Timothy J. Ryan & Associates may be able to help those who have used and suffered from a defective product.

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There are three general categories of product liability claims. The first category includes products that have been defectively manufactured. This means that a mistake was made in the factory, or somewhere between the factory and store where the product is sold. A person may also be able to file a product liability suit if the product is defectively designed. If the product is dangerous, even though it is correctly manufactured, it may have been defectively designed. Normally, these types of cases include lines of products, not just a single item. If a product does not provide warnings or instructions about the usage of said item, a person still may sue for product liability. These types of claims are commonly referred to as defective marketing claims.

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If you have been injured by a defective product, you must file for a defective product liability lawsuit within a certain time period. Potential cases that are not filed within California's statute of limitations may not be considered valid. Depending on your type of case, certain evidence must be presented to the court to prove that the product was in fact, faulty. For those who wish to learn more about the grounds of product liability cases, please contact our personal injury firm as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.