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Recent Victories

Ford Explorer Rollover Accident- Death of New York Mets prospect

$131 million award

The family of a New York Mets prospect killed in a 2001 rollover accident while leaving spring training won a $131 million judgment against the Ford Motor Co. from a Laurel, Miss., jury. The case was then settled before the punitive phase for a confidential amount. Brian Cole, a top outfield prospect for the Mets, died from injuries suffered on March 31, 2001, when his Ford Explorer Sport veered off State Highway 8 in Florida and rolled over. The family contended “the Explorer is defective and unreasonably dangerous for the uses for which it was marketed because the vehicle has an unreasonable tendency to roll when used as Ford marketed it to be used [as a station wagon replacement], and that the vehicle is also defective and unreasonably dangerous from an occupant protection or ‘crashworthiness’ standpoint because the safety belt failed to remain locked and permitted Brian to be thrown from the car and killed.”

Truck v. Auto Head Injuries


The Plaintiff was a passenger. Sustained head injuries; extremely well recovery.

Highway design lawsuit

$8.7 million

Highway design lawsuit involving major construction contractor. Three law firms declined representation prior to our firm being retained.

Tire defect

$5.5 million

Claim against a tour guide company, auto manufacturer and tire supplier. Three plaintiff’s with injuries and one wrongful death.

E350 Van Rollover – Death of 20 year old.

$1,800,000 award

Very difficult liability claim with speeds in excess of 90 mph and NO seatbelt use.

Auto Crash

$4,500,000 award

Four (4) students on a cross-country travel tour were ejected from a van in a rollover accident. One individual sustained deadly injuries while the others have fully recovered.

Wrongful Death


Worker at a cement plant fell through a hole in the roof. He was an independent contractor and sued the plant facility on the basis of premises liability.

Construction site crash

$3,500,000 award

Middle aged woman was seriously injured after being trapped on freeway due to the improper placement of barrels by contractor.

Slip and Fall event

$480,000 award

Middle aged woman fell exiting her place of employment. Improper drainage of sprinkler. Had neck injury with NO surgery.

Auto Accident

$500,000 award

Middle age woman was struck by drunk driver and sustained injuries to her neck. Claimant was employed as a nurse and lost wages due to disability.

Dog Bite

$510,000 award

Young woman bit by pit bull while visiting a friend. She sustained injury to her lip and has fully recovered.

Product Liability

$750,000 award

Male inventor designed recreational toy. A certain part was defectively designed causing injury to his jaw during testing maneuvers.

Auto Accident

$5,000,000 Award

The law office of Timothy J. Ryan & Associates, along with Tab Turner & Associates, obtained $5 million for a 26-year-old woman who received sprains and strains to her neck after her SUV rolled over due to tread separation of the tires. She spent one (1) night in the hospital and was treated and released.

E-350 Van Rollover-Paraplegic

$4,250,000 award

County sheriff officer was a passenger in prisoner van. Plaintiff’s associate was driving van. The purpose of their trip was to transport prisoners from one (1) location to another. The van unexpectedly started to lose control due to stability issues and rolled. Plaintiff was thrown from the vehicle and was rendered a paraplegic.

Motorcycle Crash

$3,000,000 Award

We obtained a $3 million judgment for the victim of a motorcycle accident who was severely injured when an on-duty police officer pulled out from a stop sign in front of our 30-year-old client. Initial offers were under $500,000.

SUV Rollover-Crushed roof

$2,800,000 award

Husband and wife traveling to Las Vegas in SUV. Both certified EMT’s. Without warning, abandoned furniture was left on center of two lane highway. In an attempt to avoid collision, wife took evasive action. Vehicle rolled and crushed plaintiff husband who incurred paralysis.

Tractor Trailer accident

$2,250,000 Award

Tractor Trailer pulled out and struck passenger vehicle injuring husband and wife. The law office of Timothy J. Ryan and Associates was able to recover for their injuries $2,250,000.

SUV Rollover / Fire / Tread Separation

$1,750,000 Award

Two parents and their children were driving to Phoenix for vacation when the SUV’s tire failed. The resulting rollover led to a fire that killed the father. After one (1) week at trial, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates was able to get the matter resolved successfully on behalf of the family.

SUV Rollover-Tread separation

$1,600,000 global award

Family returning form amusement park in SUV. Without any advanced notice, right rear tire sustained a tread separation with subsequent rollover of vehicle. Four (4) passengers (unbelted) injured, one with a broken vertebrae.

SUV Rollover-Wrongful death

$1,575,000 global award

Mom and four (4) children (unbelted) in SUV crash. While returning from a shopping trip for school clothes, Mom diverted attention to children briefly, vehicle then lost control. The adult driver was killed and children sustained a variety of orthopedic injuries.

SUV Rollover-Stability issues

$1,450,000 award

28 year old female operating SUV on off-ramp. Glanced down to grab coffee and vehicle didn’t negotiate curve. Plaintiff ultimately left roadway and rolled into brush adjoining shoulder. Resulting injuries were orthopedic to leg and paralysis.

SUV Rollover-Crushed roof-Wrongful death

$1,300,000 award

Dad and son driving through Texas on way back from soccer match. 17 year old driving SUV and drifted toward center median. While correcting vehicle to the right, it rolled and crushed plaintiff resulting in death.

Automobile crash

$1,200,000 award

34 year old was proceeding through intersection. Defendant driver ran red light and T-boned plaintiff, who sustained major injury to chin. Residual scarring.

SUV Rollover-Crushed roof

$1,100,000 award

35 year old driving SUV home from work. Distracted due to lack of sleep. Vehicle veered to right shoulder. In trying to correct vehicle, it subsequently rolled and crushed plaintiff who sustained paralysis type injuries.

Climbing Injury

$950,000 Award

U.S. Army recurters, using a climbing wall for recuritiment at high school asked client if he wanted to climb wall. Due to large size of client, wall collapsed when he was near the top, and he suffered badly broken arm. Revovery of $950,000 for the injury.

Pedestrian hit by tow truck in parking lot

$750,000 award

40 year old female returning from health club to vehicle. Not paying attention, tow truck driver collides with plaintiff. Multiple injuries included scar to legs as well as one (1) year of lost wages.

Premises Liability

$730,000 Award

Our office helped a client obtain a $730,000 for a client who broke their kneecap after a cement path collapsed due to water damage. The defendant initially disputed liability before being convinced by Timothy J. Ryan & Associates to settle the case.

RV stairs defective


Husband and wife on vacation with group of RV companions. 55 year old female went to RV for refreshments, upon exiting, plaintiff tripped out of RV due to steps being improperly retracted. Leg injury.

Motorcycle crash

$280,000 award

35 year old male arriving at work on motorcycle. Approximately 5:00 am, semi-truck pulls out in front of him. His bike collides with trailer. Plaintiff sustains major crush injury to leg.

Auto Accident

$280,000 Verdict

After initial offers of $50,000, we brought a case to trial in which the plaintiff, a registered nurse, suffered a broken leg in an intersection crash. After deliberation, the jury awarded her $280,000.

Dog Bite

$250,000 Award

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates helped a client obtain a $250,000 award after she was bitten on the face by a black Labrador that she was petting. The victim was fully healed from the superficial injuries two months after the incident.

Herbal Supplement Found Defective

$250,000 Settlement

A fifty (50) year old man was hospitalized for three days after ingesting a life-enhancing herbal supplement. Timothy J. Ryan & Associates took more than 22 (22) depositions across the country before convincing the defendant drug company to pay our client $250,000.

Professional Negligence

$240,000 Verdict

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates represented a client who broke his ankle after a massage therapist’s chair collapsed. The defendant offered $0.00. Following binding arbitration, our client received an award of $240,000.

Boating accident

$160,000 award

While celebrating Fourth of July on her boat, plaintiff tried to push neighboring boat away. Fifty year old female sustained injury to her knee necessitating surgery.